Jumaat, 24 Jun 2011

Good Luck FC Again!

Salam all dear readers!..

Yeah..Futsal again!!yeah2..hehe (nak speaking plak)
Actually this previous Tuesday, WE (Good Luck FC) had a match agains Chancito FC..
This is a match where both team need to win in order to qualified to quater final.and guess what?
We Won!alhamdulillah...
The score was 4-2..and the scorer are :

Wan KamalHadi - 1 gol..his first goal for this tourney.
Enol - 1 gol..his 2nd goal
Otomen - 2goal..his 2 goal for this tourney..haha

So our next match is today which is on 24th June 2011 (Friday).
We will face El-Fara'na which is a foreigner team..wish us Good Luck Fc have the luck to win and go to Semi Final..amin..insyaAllah..

Enjoy the pictures below..=)

that's all i think..do pray for us ya!amin..


Nur Ayuni berkata...

memang luck la korang.haha.

gila futsal betul. gud luck :)

nawal addina berkata...

hoho . kipas-susah-mati futsal nie . gud luck !

#aku tak minat bola . haha

sabella mohamad berkata...

kaki futsal la korang ni ek

kookokrunch berkata...

@sabella : semestinya..=b

kookokrunch berkata...

@nurayuni : thanks2..hehe

@nawal : apekah itu kipas-susah-mati ??haha..

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